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Program Overview

A student can earn both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree upon completion of the integrated program. Depending upon the undergraduate and graduate degrees, the program requires anywhere from 150-162 credits (132 undergraduate credits and 27-33 graduate credits). For most students, the program requires 150 credits. Interested students may apply as current RMU undergraduates, incoming freshmen or incoming transfer students. After being accepted into the integrated phase of the program, the coursework for the undergraduate and graduate degrees are combined to streamline completion of the program. However, this means delaying undergraduate degree completion and participation in commencement ceremonies until completion of the integrated program.

Undergraduate Degree Options:

The undergraduate portion of the integrated program may be in any bachelor's degree program offered by the University; however, students will be required to complete the graduate program prerequisites as part of their undergraduate coursework. Ideally, all prerequisites should be met prior to completing 87 undergraduate credits. Therefore, it is important for interested students to apply to the integrated program as soon as possible to begin ongoing academic advisement with the program director.

Graduate Degree Options

The student can pursue one of five master's degrees in the graduate portion of the integrated program: the Master of Science in Data Analytics (MS-DTAN), the Master of Science in Information Security and Assurance (MS-ISA), the Master of Science in Information Systems Management (MS-ISM), the Master of Science in Information Technology Project Management (MS-ITPM) or the Master of Science in Internet Information Systems (MS-IIS).

MS-DTAN prerequisites include six credits of information systems or computing courses and six credits of business courses. The MS-ISA requires one object-oriented programming course, such as C++ or JAVA, as a prerequisite. The MS-ISM degree requires 18 prerequisite credits. Half of these prerequisites are in the area of information technology and include focus areas such as information systems, hardware, software and programming. The remaining prerequisites are in the foundations of business and include focus areas such as financial accounting, economics, marketing and organizational behavior. The MS-ITPM degree requires 12 prerequisite credits, including accounting, management, systems analysis/design and a programming language. The MS-IIS program requires six prerequisite credits in the area of information technology.

Please note that graduate courses are offered in eight-week sessions of evening courses only that meet from 6-10 p.m.

Bachelor's Degree Suggested Master's Degree Options
Information Science, Information Systems, Information Systems Management, Computer Science, Software Engineering, other computing degrees MS-ISA or MS-DTAN or MS-ITPM
Business Administration, Communications, Engineering, Liberal Arts, Media Arts Any of the five
Any bachelor's degree with intent of changing to a computing career MS-IIS or MS-ISM