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Statement on Academic Integrity

The Communications Skills Program, CO I-V, requires that students submit their own work, whether they are writing papers, taking exams, or making oral presentations. Plagiarism, taking someone else's words or ideas and representing them as your own, is expressly prohibited by Robert Morris University. Good academic work must be based on honesty. The attempt of any student to present as his or her own work that which he or she has not produced is regarded by the faculty and administration as a serious offense. Student academic dishonesty includes but is not limited to:
  • copying the work of another during an examination or turning in a paper or an assignment written, in whole or in part, by someone else;
  • copying from books, magazines, or other sources, including Internet or electronic databases like ProQuest Direct and InfoTrac, or paraphrasing ideas from such sources without acknowledging them;
  • submitting an essay for one course to a second course without having sought prior permission from your instructor;
  • giving a speech and using information from books, magazines, or other sources or paraphrasing ideas from such sources without acknowledging them;
  • knowingly assisting others in the dishonest use of course materials such as papers, lab data, reports and/or electronic files to be used by another student as that student's own work.

NOTE on Team or Group Assignments: When you have an assignment that requires collaboration, it is expected that the work that results is credited to the team unless individual parts have been assigned. However, the academic integrity policy applies to the team as well as to its members. All outside sources must be credited as outlined above.

Instructors may require students to submit all written work on disks for submission to, which is a service that compares student papers with all Internet sources to verify that the student has properly credited all sources downloaded.

CONSEQUENCES for Academic Dishonesty:
Disciplinary action will be pursued in all instances in which it is determined that academic dishonesty has occurred. In the case of suspected wrongdoing, the faculty member may file charges with the Dean of Students, inform his or her department head, and follow the process specified by the Student Judicial System.

Disciplinary action may include but is not limited to:
  • Assignment of a failing grade for a test, examination, or assignment;
  • Assignment of a failing grade or N for the course;
  • Assignment of a student disciplinary sanction from the university;
  • Suspension or expulsion from the university.
  • I acknowledge that I have read the Academic Integrity Policy of Robert Morris University and the consequences for violating it.

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