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For More Information, Contact:

Roger Gillan, M.A.
Associate Professor of English Studies
English  & Communications Skills
412-397-6442 Phone
412-397-6469 Fax
Wheatley 326
Moon Campus

Writing Lab

Student Support - Getting Help in the Communications Skills Writing Lab:
If you need help with your reading and writing assignments outside of class, you can go to the Communications Skills Writing Lab for free tutoring. The Communications Skills Writing Lab is located in Wheatley 147.

Lab Procedures:
You may seek help on your own, or your instructor may refer you to the Lab. Your instructor may meet with you to identify particular issues you need to address and suggest that you get further assessment and help in the Lab. Your instructor will give you a referral form and a copy of the course assignments to tell to the Lab instructor what you need to work on and what the course requirements are.

The Lab faculty will interview you and assess your work to c

reate your personal development plan, which you may share with your course instructor.

What the Writing Lab Won't Do for You
The Writing Lab instructors will not write your papers or prepare your speeches. Faculty will teach you how to address grammatical, organizational, and editing issues, and how to draft and rewrite your papers, but they will not draft or rewrite them for you. The point of tutoring is to help you to become an independent learner with a repertoire of effective writing and speaking strategies.