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The English Minor sharpens the language skills needed for success in any major. Students may choose any 5 ELIT or ENGL courses, beginning with the core ELIT requirement. After completing the core elective, students may put together a minor in literature (including British, American, world, classic, African-American & women's literatures, among others) or in rhetoric and linguistics (including courses such as Study of Rhetoric, Study of Language, History of English, Grammar and Editing, Study of Essay, Creative Writing, etc.)

Why do an English minor? Some of the most valued skills in today’s workplace are developed in the discipline of English: the ability to write and to speak professionally, to use language persuasively, to participate confidently in informal discussion, to advocate for one’s ideas strongly in a teamwork situation and to analyze language carefully (from case histories to testimony).

What majors fit with an English minor? Whether a student majors in business, engineering, communication or sports management, adding an English minor communicates to employers advanced knowledge in reading, writing, and rhetoric.

How does an English minor work? RMU students custom design their English minor, choosing any four departmental offerings in the writing, grammar and linguistics, literature, and rhetoric in addition to the required core ELIT course.                  

Core + 4 = English Minor
Your core ELIT course and any other 4 courses in the English department form the minor. 
You decide which courses, professors or themes you would like to include as you design your minor. Some sample themes:


Creative Writing

ENGL 2050 Dramatic Writing

ENGL 3020 Creative Writing

ENGL 3500 Study of Rhetoric

ENGL 4000 Advanced Non-Fiction Writing


Professional Writing

ENGL 2540 Study of Language

ENGL 3010 Modern English Grammar and Editing

ENGL 3025 Technical Writing

ENGL 3400 Writing and Social Media



ELIT 1060 Myths

ELIT 2000 The Study of Literature

PHIL 1000 Survey of World Religions

PHIL 1020 Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 2000 Introduction to Ethics


American Literature

ELIT 2030 African American Literature

ELIT 3040 Selected American Authors

ELIT 3080 American Literature before 1865

ELIT 3090 American Literature from 1865


    British Literature        

ELIT 3120 British Literature to 1789

ELIT 3130 British Literature 1789-Present

ELIT 3520 Shakespeare

ELIT 3050 Major British/ Irish Authors


Foreign Language*

ENGL 2540 The Study of Language

ENGL 3110 History of the English Language

SPAN 1010 Spanish I

SPAN 1020 Spanish II

(Or include your study abroad language courses)

*All foreign languages at RMU are offered through the English department

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