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The English Minor sharpens the language skills needed for success in any major. Students may choose any 5 ELIT or ENGL courses, beginning with the core ELIT requirement. After completing the core elective, students may put together a minor in literature (including British, American, world, classic, African-American & women's literatures, among others) or in rhetoric and linguistics (including courses such as Study of Rhetoric, Study of Language, History of English, Grammar and Editing, Study of Essay, Creative Writing, etc.)

Why an English minor?  One of the skills employers today value most highly, in both hiring and promotional decisions, is the ability to write and speak professionally and persuasively.  Whether a student majors in business, engineering, or sports management, adding an English minor communicates to employers advanced knowledge in reading, writing, and rhetoric.  Students at RMU are able to custom design their own English minor, choosing any five departmental offerings in the areas of writing, grammar and linguistics, literature, and rhetoric.  Technical writing courses may be particularly relevant to those in science, math, engineering, and information systems. 
Core + 4 =


Add any 4 ELIT or ENGL courses to your Core ELIT course and add an English minor to your transcript.

*You choose the courses

*You choose the profs

*You build your minor

Prove that you have skill in communication, presentation, research and editing by adding a minor in English to your transcript.

Prepare yourself with career skills in critical thinking and in speaking and writing fluently and correctly.

Practice your writing and speaking skills for graduate school, law school, medical school, technical writing/ grant writing or professional communication in the field of your major.  

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