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The English Department hosts a series of events designed to help 

students discover potential careers: Professional Focus on the Humanities. 

These events are open to all RMU students, faculty and staff.  Two of these events were held in the Spring 2016 semester with more events lined up for the fall.

The first speaker in the series was Jennifer Serventi, who held a Skype discussion about careers in government.  Jennifer is a Senior Program Officer at the National Endowment for the Humanities in Washington DC and has spent her career in government.

Jennifer spoke of the importance of the humanities, government service and good citizenship.  She also offered helpful advice in finding internships and jobs at government agencies such as the National Endowments for the Humanities and the Arts, the Library of Cngress, NOAA and others.

She advises starting with these links:                                                                      , US Office of Personal Management

Pathways Programs for Students and Recent Graduates 

The second event, "How Can I Get Published?" explored career paths in publishing, both as an author and as a professional in the industry.  This event hosted two guest speakers:

Tess Barry, a well-established poet who was shortlisted this year for the prestigious Manchester Literary Prize.  She addressed how to get started as an author.

Gia Tatone, is both an author and experienced consultant in the industry.  She discussed both getting published as an author (traditional and self-publishing) and getting started
in the publishing industry.

Tess Barry & Gia Tatone sharing their experience in the publishing industry.

Look for the series to continue in the fall with other avenues for English and humanities degrees.