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The English degree program at Robert Morris University provides students with unique choices and experiences as well as the kind of academic preparation necessary for a career in today's competitive job market. Besides taking courses in writing and literature, students may elect courses in professional communications, in which they create brochures, prepare public relations documents and write newspaper copy. 

Students in the English program work closely with teams of students and faculty on collaborative projects. These experiences simulate the teamwork essential to writing and communication tasks in educational, business and corporate environments. Students may prepare to enter the workforce as communication specialists in advertising, public relations or other writing-intensive positions, or prepare to teach English, speech and communication by taking the required courses in education.

Students in the English program learn the stages involved in successful writing and speaking, especially the value of revising and editing their work according to criticism obtained through feedback.  They study linguistics and rhetorical theory, subjects typically not available until graduate school.

The program is excellent preparation for students who decide to pursue a master's or doctoral degree. Students have the opportunity to interact with professionally active faculty members who regularly attend and present at conferences and many of whom have published articles and books.

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