Department of English


    • English Studies:  Through a program of study including British and American literature, world literature, literary theory, rhetoric, and linguistics, the English Studies concentration provides students with diverse skills in oral and written communication, research methods, and argument. >>checksheet

    • English Writing:  This concentration gives students the flexibility to develop an emphasis in professional and technical writing, creative writing, or a combination of the two. >>checksheet

    • English Education: The accredited English Education program is designed for undergraduates who are seeking Pennsylvania State Certification as a teacher.  The program provides students with foundational knowledge in literature, linguistics, rhetoric, and technology in the classroom and prepares new teachers for the demands of 21st century schools. >>checksheet

English Majors

What can you do with an English major?   An English major is a broad and flexible degree; rather than preparing graduates for a narrow occupation or job position, a degree in English “offers graduates a wide variety of career paths to follow. With an emphasis on communication and the written word, English majors learn to research, analyze and interpret information. They are encouraged to be critical and creative while exploring the many cultures of the world around them as well as the cultures that have come before them” (“Ten Things to Do with an English Degree”).


Why an English major at RMU?   Compared to competitor’s departments, RMU’s English department is very strong in its continuing tradition of forging interdisciplinary connections that integrate “liberal arts with a professionally focused, applied education that prepares students for leadership in a rapidly changing world” (Mission Statement). English faculty teach in the interdisciplinary DSC program, publish in interdisciplinary journals (such as The Journal of Popular Culture and Issues in Information Systems), and have been awarded grants to work collaboratively with faculty from the School of Education and the Department of Engineering. This models for students the multiple internship and career paths open to English majors with interdisciplinary interests and abilities. 


What is an English Education major?   An English Education major IS an English major who takes nearly all of the courses taken by English Studies majors, along with an additional eight education courses. To complete their program of study, English Education students complete a student-teaching internship. These students are certified to teach grades 7 -12 (and if in a middle school, with a principal’s letter, they can teach 6th grade as well). Middle-Level Education majors are Education majors with a multi-disciplinary focus of study (English, Math, Science, etc.) and are certified to teach grades 4 – 8. Early Childhood Education majors are also Education majors with a multi-disciplinary focus of study and are certified to teach grades Pre-K -4.

Successful English majors:

Barbara Walters

Michael Eisner (former Disney CEO)

Steven Spielberg

Mario Cuomo (former Governor of New York)

Anne Mulcahy (former Xerox CEO)

Conan O'Brien

Andrea Jung (former Avon CEO)

Judy McGrath (former MTV CEO)