Creepy Conference IX
October 26, 2016
Wheatley Center

Panel #1: Did you see that? Ghosts, Hauntings and Possession
Corie Bres "The Truth Behind "The Conjuring"
Savannah Buhite "The Ghosts of Aircraft: Apparitions at 35000 ft"
Denni Claycomb "Pediophobia: Fear of Dolls...Did it just move?" (Sigma presenter)
Mary Cooper "What are you so afraid of?" (Sigma presenter)

Panel #2: Body Parts: It Can Happen to YOU
Julia Balzano "The Wendigo: Heart of Ice"
Micki Brant "Phantom Limb"
Dr. Soren Fanning "Extreme Measures: The Purpose of Torture throughout History" (Faculty presenter)

New Faculty AND Audience Award Winners:  Savannah Buhite and Julia Balzano

Creepy Conference VIII
October 28, 2015
Wheatley Center

Panel #1: Places of Horror
Denni Claycomb: Fayette Country Folklore: The Legends of Betty Knox and Quaker Church
(Sigma Tau Delta guest presenter)
Matt Schibler: Aokigahara: The Suicide Forest
Savanah Buhite: Cryptozoology 101: Cryptids of Pittsburgh
Taylar McCoy: Parasomnia

Panel #2: Horrible Artwork
"Dr." Katie Bell:  The Russian Sleep Experiment
Uykihi Suzuki: The Ugly Side of Beauty
Faculty Presenter: Dr. S Pamboukian: Magic Words/Magic World: Harry Potter and Medieval Medicine

English faculty award: Matt Schibler and Taylar McCoy

Creepy Conference VI
October 29, 2013
Sewall Center

Panel #1: Are we paranoid? Or, are they really out to get us? The Perception of Fear in Modern Society
Tanner Sebastian: Reflections of Horror: The Cultural Perceptions of Mirrors
Savanah Buhite: Dr. Turich's Nerve Patch
James Fetterman "Aliens and UFO's"
Faculty Presenter:
Dr. Barbara Burgess-Lefebvre (with Bennett Lefebvre) A Scene from MacBeth

Panel #2 The Truth Is Our There; is it what we think? A skeptical look at horror.
Luke Carter: Why a Zombie Apocalypse would actually be really lame
Kyra Mayo and Prof. John Locke: Disney's Magical Haunted Mansion
Guest Presenter
Author of Remember Me: Civil War Letters Home from a Hospital Steward, 1862-1864 Alan West "Death and Dying in the Civil War"

English faculty award: Tanner Sebastian and Luke Carter

Creepy Conference IV
October 25, 2011
Sewall Center

Panel #1
Nikki Weis: Narrative of the Supernatural --Cornish Legends
Sara Gunkel:  Etymology of the Harry Potter Characters
Faculty presenter:
Dr. Gavin Buxton: Parapsychology and Telepathy

Panel #2
Kenya Johns: The Siren Lights Photo Series
Marulla Quirk Proverbs 16.25
Rooney Scholar and filmmaker Luca Guadalbascio presents his film "Dimorfobia" and a talk entitled "I grew up on the Twilight Zone"

English faculty award: Kenya Johns and Sara Gunkel

Creepy Conference II
November 4, 2009
Sewall Center

Panel #1 Capacabra to Bloody Mary: Monsters in Pop Culture
Sara Gunkel: They Mythology of the Series Supernatural
Jessica Weary: Fate Worse than Death: Homosexual Vampires
Zak Wisiniowski: Interpretations of the Mothman Phenomena
Christine Gibson: The Rhetoric of Chupacabra folklore

Panel #2: Do Leprechauns ride UFO's? Spooky folklore
Patrick Loper: Alien Involvement in Early Society
Elizabeth Mason: Out of the Past: UFOs in early Hindu Literature
Dawn Savage: Feral Children in Reality and Folklore
Kristen Rea: Legends, Ghosts and Monsters in Jane Eyre

English faculty award: Kristen Rea, Christine Gibson, Elizabeth Mason

Creepy Conference VII
October 29, 2014
Wheatley Center

Panel #1: Nightmare or Reality: Do we just want to believe?
Tanner Sebastian: Jack the Ripper
Carrie Hook: Ghostly Innocence: Children and the Supernatural
Taleah Scott: Pareidolia
James Fetterman:  Kecksburg: Our Local UFO Incident

Panel #2: Making Horror Visible: Filmmaking and the Gothic
Ashley Jones: Edgar Allen Poe's Usher: Gothic Story, Psychological Thriller (Sigma Tau Delta guest presenter)
Dominic Flamini:  Get Ready for Freddy: An Analysis of Five Nights at Freddy's 
Guest Presenter: 
Rooney Scholar and Filmmaker: Luca Guardelbascio "Hitchcock"

English faculty award: Dominic Flamini and Taleah Scott

Creepy Conference V
October 23, 2012
Sewall Center

Panel #1
Sara Gunkel: Is Dracula "coming out" of the coffin?
Jordan Neusch: Zombies: A look at the undead
Marulla Quirk:  Peter und der Malleus

James Fetterman:  The Slender Man: A Modern Monster
Catherine Lamm: Lunacy in Dracula
Faculty presenter
Professor Jim Vincent: Creepy Ireland

English faculty award: Jordan Neusch and Sara Gunkel

Creepy Conference III
October 27, 2010
Sewall Center

Panel #1: Ghosts, Demons and Banshees:  Creepy Myth and Folkore
Joe Ripple: Exorcism
Gina O'Brien: Irish myth and folklore
Lauren Kelley: Haunted Gettysburg
Creepy Clips: A multimedia presentation:
Short films including: Andrew Androna "National Aviary"; Abby Proada "The Legend of the House of Ridge Avenue"; Ashten Farah "The Tale of Ruben's Grave"; Shane Spirik "Street Light Interference"

Panel #2: From Hell or From Louisiana:  Monsters in Literature and Film
Lauren Donahue: Friends and Frankenstein
Sara Gunkel: Vampires on Film
Heather Lowery: Judas: the first vampire?
Logan Williams: Make your own zombie

English faculty award: Gina O'Brien, Lauren Kelley, and Lauren Donohue

Creepy Conference I
October 20, 2008
Sewall Center

Dr. Karshner: Head binding practices among early peoples
Dr. Grant: Vampires in the twilight series
Dr. Pamboukian: Taboo names in the Harry Potter series