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Sylvia Pamboukian, Ph.D. 
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Wheatley Center
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Welcome to the RMU Writing Center!  

We provide free, professional tutoring for RMU students who have questions about class assignments/ speeches/ oral presentations, graduate school/ grant/ scholarship applications, artist's statements or other written work.  Our tutors have experience in Writing Centers at a variety of institutions, as well as experience in teaching writing at the college and university level.  All RMU students are welcome.

The Writing Center is in Wheatley 147 (next to the part-time faculty office), just off the Atrium/Crit Space.  It is open during the times posted below.

How it Works:

The Center works on a first-come, first-served basis, so come to the door during the posted times below and print your name on the sign-up sheet, as well as the time at which you arrived.

If the door is closed, please knock and let the tutor know you are here.  If the tutor is available, go right in.  If there is a student already there, please wait in the Atrium until you are called (in the order on the sign-up sheet). Please bring your assignment (from your professor) and your draft in hard copy or on your tablet or laptop.

The Writing Center offers tutoring in a variety of areas: brainstorming ideas, developing a research plan or outline, editing a draft, or proofreading a final paper.

Appointments are generally between 30 and 60 minutes per tutor per week.  This means that students should plan on seeing each tutor for a maximum of 60 minutes per week, subject to availability.  Tutors cannot continue working with students after their posted shift ends or see students outside of posted hours.

Drop In Hours:

New Appointment Hours:  This semester, The Writing Center is piloting hours with tutor Jennifer Beno-Young.  Students may choose up to one hour per week of appointment hours in half-hour slots.  Students who do not attend appointments promptly may lose their slots to walk-ins.  Students are responsible for cancelling any appointments that they cannot attend using the online system.

What doesn't work:

We aim to help you learn to become a better writer.  We will work WITH you, not write papers FOR you: we are here to help you improve your writing skills.
Due to scheduling constraints, the Writing Center discourages instructors from assigning mandatory visits.           However, if you would like a tutor to visit your class, please email Dr. Pamboukian.

Tips for students to maximize their visit:
  1. Bring the class assignment, application instructions or writing prompt.
  2. Have specific questions you would like the tutor to address.
  3. Bring your draft, notes, or outline.
  4. Bring the grading rubric, if there is one.
  5. If using an important textbook or important reading, bring it.

Writing Center Hours


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See you in the FALL!

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